The Magic Of Poetry With Children

poem-11-13Wanted to share this excellent article by Hedda Sharapan and associated video on introducing poetry to children to cultivate their vocabulary and imagination.

VideoMr. Rogers and May Sarton Read Poetry Together

ArticleTime for A Rhyme

My special thanks to Hedda Sharapan, for sending this magical piece of history that is and will always be current, relevant and authentic.

It’s  Mr. Rogers and May Sarton, two of my very favorite people. It is thrilling for me to see May with Mr. Rogers.

I have been reading Sarton’s work since college and have never seen or imagined her in the world of children.

And yet, here she is, on Mr. Rogers swing porch, talking about writing poetry as a young girl.

This is certainly a thrill for me and I wanted to share it with you.

As all educators know, rhyming is an essential pre-reading skill and one more way to express our feelings and our thoughts.

Here are some good ideas for teachers and parents that Hedda shares in the article:

“Poetry is such a great way to cultivate children’s love of words, expand their vocabulary and help them create mental images from words.  There’s another way that poetry contributes to reading readiness.  Poems help children develop a keen ear for rhyming sounds.  Being able to recognize and produce rhymes is a developmental skill called “phonological awareness,” and that’s highly correlated with reading ability. – Hedda Sharapan

I am sharing some key points from the article that can help you find your own ways to use poetry to help children become readers:

Emphasize the rhythm when you read 
Read a poem so that children can feel its rhythm and enjoy it.

Be playful with rhymes 
You can  help children hear rhyming sounds by making a game of playing with words that rhyme.

Encourage children to learn poems by heart 
You can  help children hear rhyming sounds by making a game of playing with words that rhyme.

I encourage all parents to click through on the link above and read through the full article.

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