Pre School Reviews

“I cannot imagine a better preschool for my children”

The school really practices their saying, “Come from kindness, learn through play”. Both my daughter and my son have developed confidence, made amazing relationships with friends and teachers; and are enjoying school. I cannot imagine a better preschool for my children and for my family than 10th Street.

– By Angela Wang on Google+

“My child blossomed from a timid child to a self-confident and bright girl”

Due to the dedication of the teachers, amazing leadership and administration of the school, I have seen my child blossom from a timid child to a self-confident, bright and loving young girl. Teachers truly care about the growth and well-being of your child and do an incredible job of communicating with parents at 10th St.

– JO OC on Google+

“10th Street preschool has been a godsend for our family”

We put our son in public kindergarten after just turning 5 and after plenty of heartaches we learned he was not ready. We had lots of friends who had a fantastic experience with 10th street and we were able to get him in just as 10th St. started their year. It turned into one of the best years ever, as we saw our son became more social, more skillful, and begin to love school so much he would come home and play preschool. 10th preschool has been a godsend for our family.

– Brian Morena on Google+

“My daughter wants to spend all day at school”

It has been an amazing 3 year journey at the school, for our daughter, and we have seen her thrive in so many ways. Our daughter is confident, socially extroverted, has made valuable friendships and loves all her teachers! To see my child run into school with a big smile on her face and want to spend all day at school is a gift that any parent would want!!!

– Sanjeev Narayan on Google+

“Thankful for their support and commitment to our daughter”

When my husband and I started our preschool search we wanted some place that had structure yet flexibility for exploration. A place where we all felt welcomed and supported. Meeting Cindy and touring the school we knew we had found the place for our family. What we liked best was that not only does the child get familiar with the school, student body and teachers but the parents get to know the families and teachers as well. We have grown with 10th Street and we’re so thankful for their encouragement, support and commitment to our daughter.

– Beth Cowling on Google+

“Teachers are responsive to my child’s needs”

At 10th St. the teachers and staff care about each child and are able to respond if they see a need. For example, they noticed that in general the girls were having trouble finding their voices. In response, 10th Street started “Girl’s Group,” where a small group of girls meet weekly to discuss empowerment, confidence, and similar topics. Each girl in the group has a chance to speak and share their feeling. My daughter and her friends really love this group and look forward to it. It is so wonderful that the teachers came together to address this

– Sharon De Greiff on Google+

“Incredible community! Individualized attention”

My son’s experience at 10th Street has been magical. Every teacher and every administrator in the school, even those who have not directly been our son’s teachers, know our son and treat him with kindness, warmth and care. The level of individualized attention the children receive is remarkable. If you are looking for a school that cultivates community — an environment in which you can collaborate and participate in your child’s education — then 10th Street is perfect. For our family this was incredibly important. At 10th Street Preschool, we found a community and a space that we could all join and partner.

– Anne Marie Burke on Google+