Electives and After-School Enrichment

Helping parents with busy schedules, our enrichment programs give children ages 2.6 to 7 more time with teachers and friends to practice being at school for a longer day, help to build their relationships with other teachers, and to enhance study skills in preparation for kindergarten.  Our programs are open to any child—even children not enrolled in our school—and are available one to five days a week.


Girls Club

We are thinking about the state of our girls.  Our girls need more from each other.  More love, more understanding, more of us saying I hear you and I’m with you.  More interactions, more opportunities to support each other and especially, more confidence to feel comfortable in their own young skin.  This group will be about feeling good, feeling safe, feeling proud, inspired and the comfort of being that ‘not so sure’ girl.

The Dress Code: 10th Street t-shirt/top, 10th sweatshirt or navy cardigan, black or navy leggings, no nail polish, hair pulled back

Boys Club

We are excited to be offering an adventure based learning program for your son.  The program is shaped with hands on fun-filled activities that support learning through problem solving, team work, communication and creativity. Activities include game creation, role playing, treasure hunts, experiments and more.

The Dress Code: 10th Street t-shirt/top, 10th sweatshirt or navy cardigan, black or navy pants, no nail polish, hair pulled back

Club 10

Open to Current Preschoolers and Alumni.

Fridays, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
Saturdays, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Nighttime is a special time to be at school.  Club 10 meets once a month, and is organized around a theme, holiday or something we have been studying in Big School, whether children are creating Halloween costumes, gathering to listen to beloved bedtime stories, or celebrating Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  Club 10 is also a great opportunity to have a night off!

Foreign Language

Introductory Spanish is presented in a fun, creative atmosphere, using visual aides, music, and puppets.  Children will learn the Spanish words for parts of their bodies, colors, seasons, animals, and for special holidays.  We prepare foods from Mexico!

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) is an award winning, hands on approach that strengthens fine motor skills, introduces students to proper grip, correct letter formation and beginning phonics.

Children with Crayons


SoccerStars’s international coaches work with every student to develop skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a noncompetitive and educational environment.  Positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach ratio ensure that each child will improve his or her soccer skills.

Social Skills Group

Our specialist teacher tends to each child in need of additional modeling and personal guidance to facilitate pro-social interaction, self-esteem, and feelings of belonging.  In Social Skills, children learn how to enter play, expand play, resolve conflicts, take turns, work together, develop self-regulation skills and effectively communicate while interacting with others.  Each session includes periods of inside and outside play, story telling, snack and closing circle time.  Parents are welcome to stay within close proximity as needed.

Children with Clay


Yogi Beans’ age-specific curriculum translates the practice of yoga into a language children can understand and enjoy.  Sprinkled with picture books, music, and other age-appropriate props, Yogi Beans’ classes incorporate free-flowing, creative movements with traditional yoga postures while developing better body awareness, coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence.

Boys Club


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