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Parent – Toddler School  (‘Mommy/Daddy & Me’)

For children 11 months to 2 Years 9 months
Enrollment secures a space in Little School.


Little School

For 2 years to 2 Years 6 months
Enrollment secures a space in Preschool



For children 2 years 6 months to 6 years. Little School or Parent-Toddler children may seek Director permission for early enrollment.

In an effort to accommodate the various needs of our families, and students, throughout our 3-year program, we offer 3 basic programs:

  • 4-hour half days
  • 5-hour almost full day 
  • 7-hour full day


Junior Pre-Kindergarten

For second year children (3.5 yrs – 4.5 yrs)



For children in 3rd year of school (4 yrs – 5 yrs)



For all ages when school is not in session. Alums younger than 7 yrs are welcome!


Electives and After-School Enrichment

Enrichment programs for all ages


Tuition Schedule
Fees and schedules for all programs