Our Preschoolers Respond: What Are You Grateful For?


At 10th Street,  we take every opportunity to teach gratitude & kindness.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, 10th Street parent Heather Piper(Emily Blumenthal’s mom) did an interesting activity with the children and asked them what they are grateful for. The post below by Heather gives a peak into their mind and shares candid response that will touch your heart. 

The Pre-K Purple Group understands that the month of November brings with it an important holiday – Thanksgiving.  On Monday, during hobby time, the children traced their hands and then turned the handprint into a wonderful and festive turkey.  On the back, we helped them write what they are thankful for.  Here goes the list:

Travis – my parents and all of nature

Evan – my parents
Lila – my family
Teyton – my brother
Emily – my mom (no pressure from me:-))
Isabelle – my family
Nicholas – going on a turkey roller coaster ride
Michael – my playroom with trains
Maya – laughing and my family
Kyle – my mom
Max – angry birds
Wyler – mom and dad
Sebastian – Fabi & me
Notsa – trees
Lena – my mom, dad and sister
Nikydon – my mom, dad and brother
Samaira – my sister
Leo – my dog, sister, mom and dad.
Jackson – my fort
Fabian – my sister
Wyler – my mom and dad
Archie – Zebedee

As you will see, this little group has a lot of love to give.  Lucky us!

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