My Day As Parent Volunteer With Thursday Purple Group

Purple GroupParents often wonder how one can volunteer at school, so we requested a few parents to share their experience. The following post is shared by 10th Street parent Heather Piper (Emily Blumenthal’s mom).

Yesterday I volunteered with Lisa and the Thursday Purple Group.  We read a book about opening a lemonade stand. The children made their own books, with the recipe for strawberry lemonade. We made boxes for them to put the money from their lemonade sales in.  They were super helpers by cutting the strawberries and then making the strawberry puree for the lemonade.  We enjoyed our lemonade on the patio with a little bag of Vampire Scabs (aka cinnamon toast crunch cereal). It was a busy day, and we relaxed with two books about Halloween. Once again, the Purple Group proved to be eager, hard-working and attentive pre-kindergarteners. It is such a joy to be in the classroom with them.

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