Dr. Sparrow is coming back to 10th Street Preschool on 10/3/17

For 40 years I have been a devoted fan of Dr. Berry Brazelton; his work, teachings, wisdom and kindness. One year, we took the entire staff to Boston, to train at his Touchpoints Center.

For 10 years I have been honored to enjoy a rare mentorship and close friendship with both Dr. B and Dr. Joshua Sparrow. Dr. Sparrow is a renowned child psychiatrist and the Director of Touchpoints. The video clip is from 2010, when both doctors came to 10th Street Preschool for the first time. They have returned many times over the years; to be with our children, to teach our teachers and to share their wisdom with our community. These are treasured times.

I am thrilled that Dr. Sparrow has graciously agreed to join us for another Evening Conversation on Tuesday October 3rd at 6pm.
Do not miss this. Invite your friends. Call our school for location details. 310.458.4088

Dr. Sparrow is magic.

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