About Cindy Wasson, Director


Cindy Wasson is the founder and director of 10th Street Preschool since 1982. Prior to that, she was an infant toddler teacher and an elementary school teacher with LAUSD for ten years. Currently, Cindy directs infant, toddler and parenting groups and consults with families regarding kindergarten placement. She holds 40+ years of experience and lifetime  credentials, both in early childhood and elementary education. She has been trained in the Brazelton Institute by Dr. Brazelton and Dr. Josh Sparrow and is a believer of teaching through kindness and play in mixed age grouping, a philosophy that she has made the foundation pillar of 10th Street Preschool. Cindy is a school docent at the Getty Center where she connects schoolchildren K – 12 and their teachers to the visual arts through shared experiences

Cindy believes that young children learn best when engaged in meaningful play in multi group settings in an environment of kind and caring adults. Her philosophy is based on the teachings of Berry Brazelton, Vogotsky, Erickson Piaget and 40 years of hands-on experience. She believes in joining with the family….Parent involvement is a crucial component of our school.

She is the mother of two children, Sam and Sophie.
Sam is a writer, film scholar and professor living in Los Angeles.
Sophie a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, is the school psychologist at Harvard Westake Upper School with a private practice as well.