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  • Come from kindness, learn through play

    At 10th Street Preschool, our goal is to nourish each child, individually, and meet their changing social and emotional needs every day.

  • Community

    Our community is a combination of children, parents, teachers, alumni, grandparents, professionals, consultants and friends. Your new extended family is ready to meet, greet and welcome you to 10th Street Preschool.

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Welcome to 10th Street Preschool in Santa Monica


Founded by Child Development expert Cindy Wasson in 1992, 10th Street Preschool is dedicated to helping children make two milestone transitions, first from their home to their school, and then, from toddler to kindergarten.

10th Street Preschool, nestled in a residential enclave in Santa Monica, has been one of Southern California’s leading preschools for over twenty five years.  Formerly owned by Hal Ashby and his family, our campus, just a few miles from the ocean, includes historic craftsman bungalows, lush flowers, and expansive, vibrant murals by Peter and Nancy Turner-Alvet.

Painted Wall