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Running Free in Germany’s Outdoor Preschools. Without toys and largely unsupervised, children climb and cook and howl like wolves in the wilderness.

berlin-slide-Q0AV-superJumbo Let me introduce you to the kindest and smartest man in the world, who is our consultant and friend Joshua Sparrow MD. Dr. S just sent this to me. He didn’t write it although he has co-authored almost every book with Dr. Berry Brazelton. He sent it to me and I pay attention to everything he says, sends and does. Who else is reading articles in the evening while visiting France? Dr. S is, of course.

Dr Sparrow and I met a long time ago, when I was the luckiest person in the world, to meet and become friends with my lifelong hero, T. Berry Brazelton MD.

Both Dr. B and Dr. S.  are known world wide and yet they have found time to visit our little preschool, many times, and speak with our parents.  Our families who have spent time with them feel as fortunate as I do.

Dr. S and Dr. B change lives every day. Now, as Dr. B travels less and less, Dr. Sparrow, is carrying on his work while breaking ground on his own.

Read this article and ask yourself, what is appropriate preschool curriculum anyway and who is it really meant to serve?



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