Junior Pre-Kindergarten

For children 3.5 to 4.5 years (Required for Year 2)

Our Junior Pre-K at 10th Street Preschool is meant for children in their second and third year of preschool, ages 3.5 – 4.5, to facilitate their transition onto kindergarten.

The educational philosophy of regular kindergarten has changed, making school more challenging, requiring alphabetic and cognitive skills that are not necessarily the byproduct of normal infancy development.  Kindergarten expectations are higher, academic learning is serious, and homework is given typically everyday.

Children Making Cookies
Toddlers and young children may not have all the necessary skills that the average kindergarten program may require just by playing and participating in preschool activities, no matter how creative the child and/or the preschool may be.

Therefore, one of our goals, in both our Junior Pre-K and Pre-K programs, is to foster the child’s ability to communicate what their needs are, not only with the teacher but ideally with their peers as well.  Being able to develop an assertive voice in a safe space, may be crucial in their capacity to generalize this behavior to a larger and more challenging classroom setting.  Feeling comfortable and confident makes asking for help less risky.

The children begin to identify themselves as learners who feel proud of their hard work.  This is how intrinsic learning begins.

We have watched the children who attend Junior Pre-K enjoy a smooth transition into our Pre-K program, and we have been told by parents and elementary school administrators that the same applies for our Pre-K students transitioning onto kindergarten.


Our Red Door is open from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Junior Pre-K children may choose our 4 (Afternoon Children only), 5 or 7  hour Preschool Program.

Junior Pre-K lessons are 45 minutes, twice a week,

Uniforms Required

Please see Tuition Page for fee