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When the traditional school year is not in session, 10th Street Preschool is open for Camp.  All are invited: Toddlers, Little Schoolers,  Preschoolers, Pre-Kers,  and Alumni under seven years of age.

Toddler Camp

Our ‘Mommy/Daddy and Me’ program provides an opportunity for you and your child to come together for 90 minutes of learning, exploration and play.

Tuesday 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM

Little School Camp

Very Limited Enrollment

Before Big School begins, spend a summer month playing and forming friendships, and practicing saying goodbye to mommy and daddy.

Choose one program:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  9:00 AM –  12:00 PM

Monday – Friday  9:00 AM –  12:00 PM

Child in Rainbow Cape

Preschool/Pre-K Camp

During camp, children will choose between a variety of fun activities, including sand and water play, science investigation, drama, bike riding, free play, story telling and music and movement.

Winter and Spring: 2 weeks, 9:00 AM –  2:00 PM
Summer: 5 weeks August, 9:00 AM –  2:00 PM

Purple Creations