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Parent Educational Lecture: Building Good Sleeping Habits By Sleepy Planet

sleepy planetOn Monday September 30th our 10th Street community was fortunate to welcome Jennifer Waldburger to our continuing education lecture series.   Over wine and appetizers, a small group of 10th Street parents joined Jennifer to learn all about one of the most precious commodities of parenthood— SLEEP.  Jennifer is co-founder of Sleepy Planet—a one-stop shop for moms and dads to help their babies, toddlers and children learn healthy and adaptive sleep habits.

For the first 90 minutes, Jennifer outlined the approach she uses when working with children and families who have sleep challenges. She outlined how to address different sleep issues at different ages.  Her examples ranged the gamut from working with sleep disturbances related to babies reaching new developmental milestones to how to make a smooth transfer from a crib to a big kid bed.  She also touched on the “pillars” of good sleeping habits and talked about the best way parents can create an ideal sleep environment for our children.  The second portion of her talk she opened the room up to questions.  Almost every hand went up!! As a community, we were able to have an open honest discussion about how people were struggling at home both getting their kids to sleep and also helping them stay asleep ALL night long!  The night was a huge success.  Parents left feeling empowered and inspired to go home and help their kids get the rest they need every night!

More details about Jennifer~ Jennifer provides sleep consultations, leads mother-infant groups fro moms, works in private practice as a parent educator, and lectures throughout Los Angeles on sleep and a variety of topics.  Her new book Calm Mom, Happy Baby is available at www.amazon.com.

Thank you again to Jennifer for a spectacular evening and being a part of our 10th Street family!

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