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Everything You Wanted To Know About “Share A Lunch”

 This is a contributed blog post by Beth Cowling. mommy to Cotton Cowling, two cats, a fish and a bunny. She’s also the Chairperson for 10th Street Preschool’s Community Outreach Committee.  “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate” – Alan D. Wolfelt One of the things I love most about 10th Street is […]

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Helping Children Develop Self Control

  I wanted to share the article below by Hedda Sharapan. Fred Rogers has been a huge influence in my life and I was fortunate to meet Hedda many years ago at an NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conference .  I have read The Fred Rogers newsletter and Hedda’s writing for many years […]

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Halloween Fun As Parent Volunteer With Purple Group

The following post is shared by 10th Street parent Heather Piper (Emily Blumenthal’s mom). I had the privilege of volunteering last Thursday with Teacher Lisa and the Purple Group. We met at the picnic table on the patio of the Big House. The children, especially my daughter Emily, were eager to have a visitor for the afternoon. […]

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Family Friends – A Parent’s Perspective

This is a contributed blog post by Cerise Hallam Larkin,  parent of Archer and Zebedee, students at 10th Street Preschool. Cerise is also the co chair of Angel/Family Friend committee at 10th Street Preschool. Starting preschool can be nerve wracking, for children and parents alike. Here at 10th Street we help ease the transition by […]

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Benefits of Mixed-Aged Grouping in Preschool

There are many different approaches to teaching when it comes to preschool. There are several different theories, techniques, and methods that are all used individually and also in combination with each other. The key is to find the combination that best suits your needs as well as the needs of your child. Mixed-aged grouping is a […]

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