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Worried about your child’s weight?®i_id=84306417 Food for thought

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PBS finally 
reveals something important about Arthur

It’s about time.

better late than never, PBS

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Get rid of that pesky Purell.

Get rid of that pesky Purell. For years we have been suggesting. Asking. Begging. (just the smell of it alone, not to mention bothering the children each and every time) Should you use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizers? No. Are we taking too many antibiotics? Yes. Thank you, William Morrow and the New York Times.

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Children play in the garden of their kindergarten run by a private foundation which is not affected by the nursery caretakers' strike in Hanau, 30km south of Frankfurt, Germany, May 11, 2015. Most of the kindergartens run by public services all over Germany face a strike of the nursery caretakers as they fight for higher wages and better working conditions. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach - RTX1CG3R

Huh? Trust Children?

as our collective stomachs anxiously await/dread the arrival of acceptance letters for preschool and kindergarten, lets get clear about what the upset is really all about. the time is now. its not so hard. it’s actually easy to know when your child IS ready to matriculate. its when you DO NOT have the upset stomach! […]

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