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Assistant Director

I am a small town girl from Indiana – 600 people to be exact. After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Child Development, I moved to Chicago where I worked with preschool age children in the capacity as both teacher and administrator and attended Erikson Institute, a graduate school in child development. In 2012, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to relocate as a preschool director which brought me out to sunny California. My passion for working with children and families started at a young age and has continued to evolve throughout my professional career. I am excited to call 10th Street my new home and am thrilled to be a part of your preschool experience!


Head Teacher, Junior Pre-K & Handwriting

Jean in Mask

I am a native from Santa Monica, CA. I have been in the teaching profession for twenty years first starting with teaching preschool. After graduating from LMU and finishing my teaching credential I taught 6th grade. I began teaching here at 10th Street Preschool 10 years ago realizing that teaching preschool children is my true passion. In addition to the Preschool, I teach Little School and assist Cindy with the Parent-Toddler Groups.


Senior Teacher, PreK and Preschool


I am a Los Angeles native and have worked with children since I was old enough to babysit! I have my ECE degree and extensive teaching experience, preschool through 3rd grade, including children with special needs. My passion has always been in educating children, it is where I feel the most comfortable and at home. I was a teacher at 10th Street many years ago and am excited to belong to the 10th Street family again.


Little School Teacher


I first came to 10th Street as a parent in 2011, when my oldest son and I moved to Los Angeles from my family’s small Indian Reservation in Northern California. It’s easy to see now that 10th Street was our first home away from home. The teachers and families who welcomed us into the community played a huge part in our transition to our new life here. It was in my participation as a parent-volunteer that I fell in love with teaching preschool aged children and decided to return to school myself to pursue an ECE degree. It made sense of course, to then join the wonderful team of teachers who I’d come to love and trust with the development of my own children, and I am delighted to be teaching in the wonderful environment that is 10th Street Preschool.


Teacher, Preschool


I was born and raised in Los Angeles and am thrilled to join the team here at 10th Street!  I have spent many years teaching children through all kinds of disciplinary mediums including art, singing, acting, storytelling, improv, dance and education. I am pursing my ECE degree currently and have a BFA from California Institute of the Arts. I’m a proud mama to my own preschooler.


Teacher, Little School and Preschool

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I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Home of the beautiful outdoors and world’s nicest people. I graduated from the University of Oregon where I obtained my Bachelors of Arts degree in Ethnic Studies and Spanish. Originally, I had wanted to attend Law School to study Civil Rights and Immigration law. However, once I graduated, I was anxious to get out into the world and gain work experience. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after that. I naturally gravitated towards working with children and families through professional childcare, nannying, and babysitting. I met wonderful families around the westside of Los Angeles. I now have over 10 years of childcare experience. I’ve decided to continue my work with children through teaching at 10th Preschool. I am also taking Early Childhood Development courses at Santa Monica Community College to obtain my certification. Working with children is a continious learning experience and extremely rewarding. I am excited to be joining the 10th Street Preschool family and community!



Music Specialist


I am a pre-school performer/music teacher. I have had the privilege of working with thousands of children in Los Angeles for the past 15 years. My primary intention for children ages 1 – 6 years is to provide a warm, inclusive space for fun and engaging activities that foster participation and self-esteem. If they learn a little bit about rhythm, tempo, or vocal technique, that’s the cherry on the cake! 10th Street is the perfect environment for creative musical play. We have the best time together.


Music Specialist

me and sara


I acquired my Early Childhood Education certificate in 2004 from SMC and have been working with young children in one capacity or another since that time. My first passion was for children with disabilities (after a stroke in my early 50’s gave me some insight into the fragility of my own life). The lessons we learn from our own frailties can translate into teachable moments for the new souls who find their selves struggling in an increasingly complex world to somehow fit in. I have always enjoyed the tremendous joy and creativity the little ones bring to our world and have been able to use my own musical gifts in that great sharing game only teachers and dedicated parents understand. 10th Street pre-school has provided me with another wonderful year of exploring the way we help children, interact and grow into intelligent and caring beings.




Anthony Byrnes’ son Dylan graduated from 10th Street last year. Among the many hats that Anthony wears, besides the daddy hat: he’s the theater critic for KCRW and taught  for the last decade at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. He’s also done guest teaching gigs at Crossroads, Harvard­Westlake, and the Mayfield Senior School.